Free one-to-one mentoring pack with your CD Learning Combo order

  • 9 Apr 2018
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Boost their vocabulary and their confidence.

All at the same time!

The CD Learning Combo now comes with a FREE One-to-one Mentoring Package for schools comprised of 2 headsets. Get all you need in one go and watch your students' speaking skills improve session after session.

Pupils respond better in an environment where they feel safe and have the confidence and encouragement to speak out without being criticised. Pupils with low esteem or lack of confidence hold back when they think they are being overheard by peers. They don't want other children to hear them speak as they are afraid of making mistakes and being made fun of. By practising speaking with someone they trust and who is mentoring them they soon gain more confidence to speak freely in most situations. 

This CD Learning Combo comes with 2 built-in headset sockets. Using the headsets allows the teacher and pupil to converse discretely and without ambient noise distractions, even in a noisy environment just like a normal classroom. Even the slightest of the audible sounds of the teacher and pupil will be heard clearly and precisely without straining.

This same process can be used to assist reading. By listening to the pupil read aloud immediate and positive guidance can be given boosting their vocabulary and confidence. The unit is battery powered and can charge any USB device such as iPad, tablet, etc. The battery is also used to power the unit so it can be very portable and safe to use without trailing cables. It can be used outdoors for story times under a tree!


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