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  • 20 Feb 2017
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Coomber have used its 100+ years of audio experience to develop school sound systems that give the purest sound without the normal background noise from high powered amplifiers. Our new range of amplifiers are by far the best we have ever produced. We have asked a few of our customers to share their Coomber experience. The reliability and quality of sound has impressed everyone who has ever heard a Coomber school sound system in action. The latest development is Coomber's own Bluetooth module which is now included in the Performance Combo and available as an add-on for the Dance Combo. We made sure it's easy to connect and pair and has a great range for Bluetooth devices. If you need an installed school sound system for large halls, the Performance Combo is the ideal solution. If you are looking for something portable but loud, the Dance Combo will give you the power you need on the go.


The Performance Combo - school sound system for large halls


"The new music equipment we have recently acquired is an excellent addition to our school. The indoor music system is a good, compact system. It is extremely easy to use. There are plenty of input options and microphone options. The children can use it with ease. It is all very clearly labelled and the quality of sound is much better than our old one." - Mrs Humphriss, Eckington C of E First School


“So easy to install and set up. Worked a dream. Absolutely brilliant. Up and running within 30 mins, so impressed. All in all I’m loving my Coomber experience so far.”Nigel A.Taylor, Cumana / Cannon Computing


"We have tried to cut corners in the past and although Coomber products are not the cheapest, it is most definitely worth paying the extra.

I can't recommend them enough!" - Maggie Stowe, Headteacher Crestwood Park Primary


  • Extremely easy to setup and use

We have hidden away all the complexity that comes with a high-quality sound system so that you can relax and enjoy using this innovative school sound system. Staff and students alike can use it, without training.


  • Impressively powerful

The Performance Combo will give you the power to impress even the toughest audiences. If you think the full power given by the enhanced 650 watts version is too much, we can tame the amplifier to fit your hall’s exact requirements.


  • Comprehensively cost effective

This a complete school sound system package solution.  Everything you need for your performance is included: from amps to speakers and wireless microphones. No need to buy anything more, everything you require is included, no hidden extra costs! The Combo is ready to go straight from the box, no wasting time and money configuring a mixer desk and the peripheral equipment.   







The Dance Combo - school sound system for medium halls and outdoors




"The speakers are of great quality and it is used for drama, dance lessons and local community clubs.  It is easy to use and we can use our portable devices with it.  We have found that it is great value for money and well made". - Justine Pearson, Aston Fields Middle School


"The outdoor system has been a real asset. The children can wheel it outside and use it easily. If you walk past our school now you will hear music and see happy, dancing children. It has really enhanced our playtimes and allowed us to start ‘Wake Up, Shake Up’ each week." - Mrs Humphriss, Eckington C of E First School


  • Totally portable

This unit is so versatile that with internal rechargeable batteries and an integral trolley, you can move it from place to place effortlessly not having to worry about where to plug it in. This makes it perfect as a school sound system for the sports fields, fetes, social events or playgrounds.


  • Easy to use

The Dance Combo has been made simple to use so anyone can be set up and be playing in seconds. Just switch on and either put in a CD or plug in your iPhone/MP3 player and you will have beautiful sound instantly.  Also, plug in that (wireless) microphone and your communication will be crystal clear – gone are those muffled tones of the rail platform announcer!


  • Cost effective

No need to buy separate units for inside or out as this school sound system can do both!


Top 3 reasons why the Dance Combo is the preferred portable sound solution for schools throughout the UK.

  • Volume and clarity to keep people entertained in a space up to the size of a medium hall.
  • You’ll be able to use in a few seconds. No manual!
  • It won’t let you down on those critical moments. Rugged, practical & portable.



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