The Bluetooth Speaker & iPad Learning Combo

The iPad Learning Combo now comes with a FREE One-to-one Mentoring Package for schools comprised of 2 headsets.

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Get all you need in one go and see your students' speaking skills improve session after session. The iPad Learning Combo is ideally suited to enhance the educational use of tablets such as iPads/learn pads and other media players. This Bluetooth speaker for the classroom truly offers you the much-needed flexibility to effectively distribute sound in various settings.

Use it for one-to-one mentoring, small group sessions or classroom amplification. The iPad Learning Combo comes with an internal rechargeable battery that allows you to use it outside or in areas where there is no access to mains.

Colour: Blue


Colour: Graphite


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  •   Line In for iPod iPad etc
  •   6 x Student Headphone Sockets
  •   Internal Rechargeable Battery
  •   Bluetooth
  •   USB Charger
  • Amplify your iPad or any other tablet or smartphone
  • Wireless connection via Bluetooth
  • Wired connection via the Aux In socket
  • 2 stereo speakers
  • 8 headphone sockets ( or use 6 sockets for headphones and 2 for headsets)
  • 2 headset sockets
  • USB charging port
  • Aux in socket: connect & amplify a tablet, smartphone or MP3 player
  • Class facing speakers
  • Clear playback via both speakers and headphones
  • Internal rechargeable battery
  • Balance and volume control, on/off switch
  • Choice of two colours Blue or Graphite


  • Very easy to connect and use
  • Compact and strong 
  • Rugged, reliable and very versatile
  • Can also be used just with headphones and headset
  • You can choose model 43251 if you prefer the blue colour or model 43255 for the graphite version.

 * iPad not included

  Made in Worcester, UK.


Aux In to connect and amplify your laptop, smartphone or tablet 
2 Stereo speakers 
6 x 3.5 mm headphone sockets 
2 x 3.5 mm headset sockets (can be used as headphones sockets as well)  
USB charging port 
Internal rechargeable battery 
Balance and volume control, on/off switch 
Weight: 2.75Kg 
Dims: 108(h) x 340(w) x 280(d) mm
Power output: 8+8 Watts MPO (3+3 Watts RMS)
Current consumption: 250mA s/by = 40mA


41330A Stereo Headphones 3.5mm Plug

41330A Stereo Headphones 3.5mm Plug


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1913 Carry Bag

1913 Carry Bag


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1858 Power Supply Unit

1858 Power Supply Unit


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Ideal for one-to-one mentoring.

Features based on requests from teachers to help with a growing demand for the ability to have one to ones with pupils but having difficulty finding quiet space in school to do this. 

Help your students progress faster and learn easier through one-to-one mentoring. The iPad Learning Combo is a Bluetooth speaker for classroom that allows you to plug in 2 headsets (one for the teacher and one for the student) and communicate through the built-in headset mic. The headsets help block distracting sounds and noise while also providing a safe environment where the student can make mistakes without fear of failure but being positively supported, nurtured and encouraged.

iPad Learning Combo

  • Address specific learning gaps
  • Choose a pace appropriate for each student
  • Increase students confidence and willingness to participate
  • Help with particular aspects of reading

Pupils respond better in an environment where they feel safe and have the confidence and encouragement to speak out without being criticised. Pupils with low esteem or lack of confidence hold back when they think they are being overheard by peers. They don't want other children to hear them speak as they are afraid of making mistakes and being made fun of. By practising speaking with someone they trust and who is mentoring them they soon gain more confidence to speak freely in most situations.

The iPad Learning Combo comes with 2 built-in headset sockets. Using the headsets allows the teacher and pupil to converse discreetly and without ambient noise distractions, even in a noisy environment just like a normal classroom. Using the headsets they allow even the slightest of the audible sounds of the teacher and pupil to be heard clearly and precisely without straining. This same process can be used to assist reading, by listening to the pupil read aloud immediate and positive guidance can be given boosting there vocabulary and confidence.

The unit is battery powered and can charge any USB device such as an iPad, tablet, etc.  The battery is also used to power the unit so it can be very portable and safe to use without trailing cables. It can be used outdoors for storytimes under a tree!

The unit has a Bluetooth receiver built-in so you can connect it wirelessly to iPad, Tablet or computer. Imagine a table with up to 8 pupils reading along to a book whilst listening to the audiobook that is transmitted from your desk, you can keep track of where they are. The unit can connect to any audio source either by Bluetooth or a standard headphone connector jack, this will let you make any audio source into a listening centre or just amplify it to the class.

Designed with a functional and compact shape, low weight and high sound quality, the iPad Learning Combo is ideal if you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker for iPads. Simplicity of use, reliability & durability. You can choose model 43251 if you prefer the blue colour or model 43255 for the graphite version.


“At St Joseph's we follow an inclusive practice, so all interventions take place within the classroom, using the combo has allowed children to be more focused when working with the teacher or teaching assistant. Both felt the unit was easy to use and the ability to control speaking and listening was very useful”.


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