Coomber Remote Control

Coomber Remote Control

Remote control 

This used on a large range of older Coomber products such as:

CD Learning Combo - 44372-R1

PA Combo - 44583, 44583-R2, 44583/UHF1 & 44583-R2/UHF1

Dance Combo -  2350, 45773-R4, 45773-R4/UHF1, 45753-R4, 45783-R4, 45783-R4/UHF1 & 45783-R4/UHF2

Performance Combo Mini - 49374, 49374/AT1 & 49374/AT2

Performance Combo - 49674, 49674/UHF1 & 49674/UHF2

If you are unsure if this remote control is compatible with your unit please contact us on 01905 342070







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