2070 Portable Amplifier with CD Player

Please note that the model 2070 Portable Amplifier has been discontinued. Click here to discover a similar alternative.

2070 Portable Amplifier with CD Player

The 2070 Portable Amplifier with CD player is perfect for daily & continuous use. It can be easily moved around and used by anyone when & where required without worrying about connecting to mains power. Fill in medium-sized rooms and small halls. The 2070 Portable Amplifier with CD Player is built to last for years, so be prepared to use it over and over again.

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Use the option boxes above to customise this Portable Amplifier with CD Player:

You can choose to add one built-in receiver for radio mics which will allow you to use an additional wireless microphone. Without selecting this option you will still be able to use 2 wired microphones. You can also select the rechargeable option which gives you the ability to charge the unit and then use it without having to plug it into the mains.

  • Amplify both music and speech.
  • Use up to 3 microphones to amplify your voice.

  • Variable Speed CD, USB & SD Card to speed up or slow down playback.

  • 1 stereo headphone socket for set up (it mutes speakers when connected).

  • Built in handle for increased portability. 

  • Connect and amplify your tablet, smartphone or laptop (use the 1987 lead for this).

  • Easy to transport, easy to set up and use by anyone, anywhere.

  Made in Worcester, UK.


You can use the 2070 Portable Amplifier with CD Player for:

The rechargeable model has the added benefit of being able to be used anywhere and even if you are inside but the mains socket is not in a convenient place you need not compromise. The wireless microphone model allows you to have complete freedom of movement.  We can offer either a compatible handheld wireless microphone, or if you need to keep both hands free a lapel or headband microphone.


Loud amplification in classrooms or small halls
  • Voice amplification in a teaching environment, or use it as a PA sound system in classrooms, in assemblies and for playback of audio for exams. It can be used outside for sports days or sports coaching. 
Presentations and meeting rooms where a clear amplification is needed
  • Excellent meeting room amplifier for reinforcing presenters' voice and amplify most audio sources.Present a slide show and talk over the sound track. You will be clearly heard without raising your voice. Use the remote control functions of the CD player to give better control and flexibility of use.
Dance or fitness classes
  • Slow down the audio from CD/ USB/SD so that learning dance steps is easier to understand. You can amplify most devices to fill in your hall with music: laptops, tablets, smartphones. Choose the built-in receiver option and teach your aerobic or zumba class using a wireless microphone. 
Music practice and performance
  • Connect musical instruments and amplify them. Easily mix microphones with a backing track from CD, MP3 on USB or SD Card. If you are an instrumentalist you may well need a CD player that can be loud enough against your instrument while you practice playing along to your favorite tunes; most instruments don't have a volume control! The line input can be used to amplify alternative backing track sources including keyboard.




Technical Specifications

Weight: 6.5Kg
Weight (1 receiver): 6.8Kg
Weight (/R): 9.03Kg
Weight (/RUHF): 10.1Kg
Dims: 385(h) x 360(w) x 215(d) mm

Basic features on all variations of the 2070 Portable Amplifier with CD Player:


  • Mains or 12-24v powered

  • On/Off Switch

  • Integral Mains Lead & cable storage.

  • 8" (210mm) internal full range PA speaker

  • Volume controls for each input

  • Bass and treble controls

  • Headphone socket

  • 3 wired mic inputs (or optional 2 wired and 1 wireless)

  • Aux in sockets

  • CD out sockets

  • Extension speaker socket

  • External amp output socket




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