The Learning Combo


The Learning Combo has been discontinued. For a CD player without recording functionality  Click here to discover a similar alternative.

Speed up the learning process and improve confidence with the Learning Combo. This unit is packed with features and functionality, it is both a recording machine and a listening centre. Easy recording, instant playback, speed and cue facility for all learning levels. Plus unique features such as internal memory and built-in mic allow you to record in better quality at a cheaper price. Simple to use, it provides excellent results every time especially in teaching English, Foreign Languages or Music. The versatile Learning Combo records with clarity while providing control of the audio.   

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  • CD drive
  • Internal memory
  • Built-in microphone to record to Internal memory or USB
  • Connect & amplify tablets or smartphones
  • 2 audience facing stereo speakers
  • 6 headphone sockets
  • 2 microphone sockets (record to CD)
  • USB socket to play MP3 files
  • Record to CD or USB (WAV files)
  • Line/Aux out socket to send audio to another device
  • Variable Speed to slow down or speed up CDs
  • Cue & Review to repeat sections or locate a specific point
  • Built-in handles
  • PA function (voice amplification).

  Made in Worcester, UK.

You can use the Learning Combo for:

Music practice and performance:

  • Record music practice, listen back to compare how you sound to how you aspire to sound

  • Record solo instruments in stereo to provide more realism

  • Speed control so that the music can be slowed to learn the steps

  • Customise record levels: automatic level for practice, manual level for performance

  • Use when practising to highlight areas for improvement

 Reading and Writing:

  • Talk to Write; improve creative writing by capturing the imagination of the storyteller so that the story can be written later
  • Record a reading test so that observation can be focused on the student and the test annotated later

School Productions:

  • Record the school ensemble and give CD copies to parents
  • Record and playback sound effects for school productions
  • Record recitals in exceptional clarity
  • Connect two high-quality condenser microphones for stereo recording of choirs, ensembles and orchestras using the built-in Phantom Power



  • Record your presentation for podcasting or distribution
  • Duplicate recordings as often as you like at high speed.

Duplicate & edit CD's and amplify media players:

  • Duplicate Internal Memory recordings to CD as often as you like
  • CD copying and editing possible between CD and Internal Memory
  • Connect and amplify iPods or laptops in class, or turn them into listening centres 




Technical Specifications

Weight: 2.77Kg
Dims: 108(h) x 335(w) x 280(d) mm
Power Output: 8+8 Watts MPO (3+3 Watts RMS) 

Current consumption: 250mA s/by = 120mA max


Basic features on the Learning Combo

  • 2 x (58 x 126mm) internal full range speakers

  • Record, Drive, speed, eject/fix

  • Volume, cue / review, stop, play, pause, FFW/REW controls

  • Bass, treble & balance controls 

  • 6 x 1/4" (6.35mm) Stereo Headphone sockets

  • 2 x Combination Jack/XLR balanced/Unbalnced Microphone sockets

  • Aux in / line in stereo sockets Dual Phono, (RCA)



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