School Sound System for multiple sources

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Rachel Adams sharing her experience with the Coomber Specialist Technical Service

We approached Coomber to help us create a sound system which could deliver us surround sound both for music, PE and performances.  The wall mounted speakers meant that we have created more space in our hall which is used for PE as well.


As a school we have moved towards having more digital resources in the classroom and around the school. Coomber's new system has meant that we can now link our laptops and our IPADs to the sound system which is excellent for dance lessons as we are able to access music from across the web.


Coomber supported us to link our new system with a digital projector which means that we will now be able to have fundraising movie nights, as well as really engaging assemblies.


Coomber have been excellent we set them a challenge with a large space which was used for a range of purposes and they have been able to find the technology to meet our needs.  they created a bespoke package including radio mics which will make our Westlands Factor show just like you see on TV.


Thanks Coomber

Rachel Adams,

Westlands First & Nursery School 


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