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Ian Watson shares his experience with the Coomber 44573 Portable Amplifier


I am using the 44573 Coomber to play music for Synchronised Swimming,portability is important to me as I am disabled and have to use walking aids or a wheelchair to get around so being a light item makes it easy for me to carry when I cannot use a trolley.


In use the unit performs exceptionally well and is powerful enough to be heard in a 50x25 meter pool hall without additional speakers, though the club only uses half the area for training!


The ease of use and the ability to attach external music sources e.g. mp3 players, net books pc's and tablet pc's makes the unit very adaptable for my purposes. I use it with an underwater speaker and the swimmers can hear the music over quite a large area when performing their routines. If required it will work without first acclimatising to the pool conditions but usually it has acclimatised by the time the swimmers have warmed up, sometimes the Coomber has acclimatised but the CD' have not.


The reliability of Coomber portable PA's is excellent as I used to use a 2060 tape unit which I have had for 15 years.


Ian Watson


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