What Is Your Combo?

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Do you need a sound amplification solution but you feel overwhelmed by all the options and accessories you have to choose from? No need to worry anymore. We made it easy for you to decide.
The Dance Combo is an ideal amplifier for so many uses: indoors or outdoors; for voice reinforcement or music amplification; plugged into the mains or running on battery; for playing CDs or amplifying your phone. With the Dance Combo you are not forced into buying features you will never use. The Dance Combo starts from a basic model. On top of that, you can pick and choose built-in options such as CD player, Bluetooth or receiver for radio mics. Based on this, tell us what your ideal sound combo is, and we will build it for you. It's that simple! Plus, you can choose from a range of compatible accessories the ones that will be best suited for you: from microphones to extra speakers and speaker stands.
As always, if you need help deciding which combo is right for you, don't hesitate to contact us on 01905 342 070 or drop us an email at info@coomber.co.uk. We are happy to help!