New for 2017: Introducing our new Bluetooth range of products.

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Coomber is proud to present the new Bluetooth-powered range of listening centres and amplifiers. The reliable and easy to use Coombers you know can now be purchased with incorporated Bluetooth technology that allows you to connect and amplify your devices wirelessly. This is Coomber's own Bluetooth module. Easy to connect and pair, with a great range for Bluetooth devices.



You can opt in for the Bluetooth option for the following Coombers:


The Dance Combo


Tough, reliable PA Amplifier that you can take anywhere even outside and still have high volume & crystal clear sound. 

  • Volume and clarity to keep people entertained in a space up to the size of a medium hall.
  • You’ll be able to use in a few seconds. No manual!
  • It won’t let you down on those critical moments. Rugged, practical & portable



The Portable Amplifier with CD option


The Portable Amplifier is perfect for daily and continuous use, easy for anyone to setup and use, good clear audio from microphone or audio inputs. Ideal for medium sized rooms/ small halls, the strong metal cover is designed to protect the amplifier against the daily rough-and-tumble. Be prepared to use it over and over again as this Portable Amplifier is built to last for years. 




The Bluetooth Listening Centre


The Coomber Bluetooth Listening Centre is ideally suited to enhance the educational use of tablets such as iPads and other media players. It has been designed with a functional and compact shape, low weight, high sound & build quality. Get the same reliability and simplicity of use, now with incorporated Bluetooth technology that allows you to connect and amplify your devices wirelessly.



Performance Combo  (already with a built-in Bluetooth module)


Make a positive impact in your school this year with the new Performance Combo from Coomber. We put everything you need from a hall sound system in a glossy and stylish metal case so that all you will ever have to worry about is adjusting the volume. 

  • Extremely easy to setup and use
  • Impressively powerful
  • Comprehensively cost effective


Pre-order them now by calling us on 01905 342 070 or email