Firmware upgrade

Download the latest Coomber firmware for free.

This firmware is suitable for the 3600, 2410, 2710, 6100 and 7100 series of products. Copyright is retained by Coomber Electronic Equipment Limited

  • Click here to download the binary file for the 2410, 2710 and 3600
  • Click here to download the binary file for the 6100
  • Click here to download the binary file for the 7100

Note: You will need Windows XP or Vista and a CD writer in your PC. Alternatively use a Mac with any OS X software.

  • Insert a blank CD-R. Download the binary file.
  • You will be prompted to open or save the file to your hard drive.
  • Select "Open", then drag the downloaded binary file to the icon of the CD-R to allow copying.
  • Insert the CD into any 6100 model and follow instructions shown on the LCD screen (see below)

Instructions on Installing new Software on 6100 series

Step 1. Switch on / Power up the 6100

Step 2. Open CD Drive A

Step 3. Insert new software disc and close the tray.

Step 4. Once the disc has been read the display will show “new software” Install YES or No.

Step 5. Press the small black button below “YES”

Step 6. Once the software has automatically installed, the tray will open. Remove the disc.

Please Note: if OK is pressed the unit may display “Fault” until step 7 has been completed.

Step 7. Switch the unit off, wait 3 to 5 seconds and switch the unit on.

Step 8. The 6100 will now operate normally using the new software.



Not all of the new features will be available until you have switched off the CD Recorder (at the mains) and then restarted it.


If the programme failed to download or run as expected, please contact us and tell us what happened by e-mail at

If we cannot solve the problem we will ship a copy to you by post.


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