Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I connect an iPad and how do I do it?

Yes, you can use the headphone socket on the iPad to connect to the “line in” sockets on the Coomber unit. Most of the Coomber products will use a 1987 lead to connect directly to the headphone socket on the iPad to line in sockets on the Coomber unit. Using the same lead, you can also connect a smartphone, laptop or any other tablet. If in doubt, please don't hesitate to give us a ring on 01905 342 070.

Q: Can I use a wireless microphone if my Coomber doesn't have a built in receiver?

You can use an external microphone receiver if your Coomber doesn't have a built in one. Please choose one of our Microphones Systems by visiting this page.

Q: iPod connecting lead has a red and black end - where do they fit?

Also commonly coloured red and white. This is our 1987 Connecting Lead and can also be used to connect most headphone outputs on MP3 players, mobile phones and laptop computers to our equipment for amplification or Recording, not just an iPod. The red and black (or red and white) ends should be connected to the red and white sockets labelled line input on your Coomber. Usually red is for the right hand side or the stereo signal so connect this first and whatever colour you have left to the other socket. It will not matter if you connect them the wrong way round but if you are a critical listener you might find the stereo image reversed. For example whatever instrument was more prominently placed on the left will be on the right.

Q: The connection on the back of my CD player is loose, is this a fault?

The connection is loose, and desirably so, it is preferable that the connection is pulled out when the unit is moved or the lead is tripped over to prevent damage to anyone or anything. If the unit is loosing power through normal stationary use this could be something else and I would ask you to check that the connection from the IEC mains lead is fully inserted into the in line "brick". This is a very stiff connection and if not fully home can cut in and out. I would also suggest that there is enough slack on the cable so that moving the unit across the desk in normal operation does not cause the connection to fall out.


Q: Do any of our PA systems have wheels or trolleys to pull them around?

Yes. The Dance Combo amplifier is ideal if you need sound on the go. Whether you are planning an outdoors dance performance or getting ready for the school's Sports Day, the built-in wheels allow you to take the Dance Combo with you wherever you go. Smaller portable models can benefit from their dedicated carry bags that not only make them easy to move around but offer some protection too.


Q: Can I trade in my Coomber ?

Yes, we offer a trade in & upgrade service. Please click here for full current details.

Q: Can I upgrade my Coomber ?

Yes, we offer a service where any customer is eligible for free software upgrades to our latest compatible version. This can be downloaded from our website or you can request a CD from us directly. Alternatively we can upgrade your unit to other specifications within the model range. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Q: Can the Coomber underwater loudspeaker be used in very cold salty water?

Yes the speaker is designed to work in reasonably harsh conditions, such as swimming pools etc where it is immersed in chlorinated water for long periods, they are also used in some pleasure boats used in the sea. Cold salt water should not pose too much of a problem, the only negative effect is the rubber encasement may show signs of mild discolouration and the skin of the material may breakdown ever so slightly and cause it to look and feel chalky, but this will not affect its performance. The speakers are currently being used in the River Thames and in the Norwegian Fjords where we have had the customer call us back and say how impressed he was with the quantity and quality of sound from them.
They are rated at 8 ohms in we would suggest 20Watts output from an amplifier for long durations. They can handle peaks of 30Watts for shorter periods. We use 12V & 24V amplifiers for these speakers.

Q: Why is my USB stick not working with the Coomber?

There are a few things to consider when buying a USB stick for your Coomber:

1. The USB stick should have a capacity of no more than 4GB.

2. The stick needs to be FAT formatted.

3. The stick will not work if it is a write protected USB.

4. Please make sure the tracks are in MP3 format.

Q: Why is my wireless microphone not working?

We put together a list of tricks that you can use. Check the batteries, the volume on the amplifier and make sure the frequencies of the microphone and amplifier match. Visit this page to find out more.


Q: What microphone to use for recording multiple participants?

If it is a meeting room where they are sat around a table a boundary microphone (1915 XLR)  is best as it picks up all participants, The down side of this type is it also picks up ambient noise so it is no good in a noisy environment such as a class room. If it is vocals of a group or choir singing then two condenser mics (model 41420) pointing slightly downward from above shoulder height at the position that a conductor would stand. If it is normal voice recording spoken word or singing a dynamic mic will be fine (model 1918).

Servicing and Repair

Q: Can my technician repair or service my Coomber?

Yes, we would welcome you to do this as we strive to make the most convenient methods available to our customers. We offer a full range of spare parts for all our products; we also offer technical advice for your technicians if they require assistance with the repair. We also provide full service information, technical drawings and other technical information to assist via our website support section.

Q: How much does it cost for you to repair or service my Coomber?

We will endeavor to give you an accurate estimate for the repair or service based on all the information given to us by you. Upon receipt of the item we will inspect it and in the unlikely event of additional work being required we will advise you of any additional costs before proceeding. Please be assured we have over 70 years experience working on our equipment, so therefore we can offer a very competitive and professional service.

Q: Low battery indication and my Coomber doesn't appear to be charging, what do I do next?

Please establish that the power supply is working, do you have a green LED on the in line "brick"? If not please check that the IEC connection is fully pushed into the brick and if so please check the plug fuse. If there is no LED visible on the "brick" please contact Coomber for a new power supply. Once you have a working power supply please follow the charging instructions provided with your Coomber.

If you don't find an answer to your question here, please contact us with your enquiry.