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Coomber iPad Listening Centre
  • iPad Listening Centre
  • iPad Listening Centre
  • iPad Listening Centre
  • iPad Listening Centre
  • iPad Listening Centre
  • iPad Listening Centre

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The iPad Listening Centre

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Take advantage of our Limited Quantity Offer. Special price when you choose to buy the Coomber iPad Listening Centre in bulk quantities for your classroom. Mix & match colours.

The Coomber iPad Listening Centre is ideally suited to enhance the educational use of tablets such as iPads/learnpads and other media players. It has been designed with a functional and compact shape, low weight, high sound & build quality. Added to this is its simplicity of use, reliability & durability. The internal rechargeable battery makes it ideal for use outside or in areas where there is no access to mains. Listen either through the 2 built in speakers or through headphones.

You can choose model 43241 if you prefer the blue colour or model 43245 for the graphite version.




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Compatible Accessories

8 Pairs of Headphones (£88.00)

Package includes

Order extra

41330 Stereo Headphones 3.5mm Plug



Qty: 8
41244 iPod lead



41850  Carry Bag



1858 Power Supply Unit



1819 Carrying Bag




Further Information

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  • Amplify your iPad or any other tablet
  • Clear playback
  • Internal rechargeable battery
  • 2 stereo speakers
  • 8 headphone sockets
  • Teacher intercom 
  • Balance and volume control, on/off switch
  • Choice of two colours Blue or Graphite



  • Very easy to connect and use
  • Compact and strong 
  • Rugged, reliable and very versatile
  • Can also be used just with headphones and headset
  • You can choose model 43241 if you prefer the blue colour or model 43245 for the graphite version.

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   Made in Worcester, UK.






You can use the iPad Listening Centre to:

  • Amplify any audio or multi media device.
  • Reduce distraction and ambient noise while listening through headphones.
  • Reduce the impact on others when listening to audio on multimedia players.
  • Highlight specific learning points during the playback by talking directly to the pupils by using the headset.
  • Play story & audio books personally or to small groups without disturbing anyone in the vicinity.
  • Assisting learning speech, language or music. Turn your iPad into a language lab.
  • Watch streamed movies and video clips without disturbing others. Ideal for libraries.
  • Amplify audio devices in a meeting room or small conference room.
  • Select to mute the stereo speakers when using upto 8 of the headphones sockets. The Master socket will mute the speakers if a headphone is inserted. Ideally suited to Coomber 41330 educational headphones tuned specifically for speech and music.                                                                        


Technical Specifications

Weight: 2.3Kg
Dims: 108(h) x 340(w) x 280(d) mm
Power Output: 8+8 Watts MPO (3+3 Watts RMS)
Current consumption: 250mA s/by = 40mA
8 x 6.35mm stereo headphone sockets
1 x 5 pin head set connector