The NEW Dance Combo UHF2 Education & Training Education

Coomber The Dance Combo Portable Amplifier with 2 built in receiver package for education
  • The NEW Dance Combo UHF2
  • The NEW Dance Combo UHF2
  • The NEW Dance Combo UHF2
  • The NEW Dance Combo UHF2
  • The NEW Dance Combo UHF2
  • The NEW Dance Combo UHF2

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Portable amplifier for school halls and playgrounds

This Portable amplifier for schools: punchy, powerful and practical. Our rugged school PA system is perfect for filling a hall or playground with sound that will get you heard.  With both internal rechargeable batteries and integral trolley, you can take it with you outside or from location to location with no effort. The Dance Combo portable amplifier for school comes with a free iPod lead, battery charger/power supply and remote control for CD/USB/SD. 




Included in the box:                                 



Compatible Accessories

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Package includes

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1810 UHF Handheld Wireless Microphone



Qty: 1
1813 Headband Microphone



Qty: 1
1811 Wireless Transmitter



Qty: 1
1812 Lapel Microphone



Qty: 1
41243 Stereo Lead 3.5mm to 2 phono plug



Qty: 1
430 Loudspeaker



1828 12M 2 Pole Speakon



1833 Y Cable Splitter



1820 Loudspeaker stand




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Standard Features

  • Connect and amplify your tablet, smartphone and laptop
  • Internal rechargeable batteries
  • Integral trolley makes getting around effortless
  • Extendable handle, corner protectors
  • Wired microphone socket (Jack or XLR Mic inputs) 
  • Line input on 3.5mm mini jack socket. This can amplify any external device with a headphone output
  • Line out socket
  • DC input for charging the internal batteries or running the unit from mains power

  • Amplified Extension Speaker Socket


  • Bass and treble controls to fine tune the tone of the output
  • Impressive volume and clarity for its size

  • Speaker grill to protect the speakers from damage

  • Mix simultaneously MP3 player & microphone source




This compact portable amplifier is perfect for every application in schools. It's so simple to use with genuine impressive results. It will fill most drama studios, assembly halls, playgrounds and sports fields with sound on its own, but it can also be connected to one or two of our 430 speakers to double the power and distribute the sound. The Dance Combo portable amplifier is able to fill a whole class, a small hall or a medium hall. You can use it in the school for both voice reinforcement (PA, assemblies) and sound amplification (Dance, P.E.).

Sound power: amplify your voice in a quiet setup for up to 150 people or amplify music in a noisy environment for up to 70 people. You can boost up its power by adding the 430 speakers. You will be able to reach 300 people in a low noise setup or 100 people in a relatively noisy environment

Auto Limiter prevents overload damage to power amplifier. It will automatically reset
Stereo Amplifier to give stereo sound through an extension loudspeaker


Hall PA, Assembly                                                                                       Hall Dance, P.E.               




The clarity of the voice and bass response has impressed many critics of audio equipment. It does truly enhance the performance and the user's credibility by being heard clearly and using a professional quality British made audio.




Technical Specifications:


Bluetooth audio receiver for connecting a smartphone/tablet
Variable speed CD/USB/SD drive 
2 Internal UHF receivers
1 External microphone socket (as back up)
1 RCA Phono Aux in
1 RCA Phono Stereo Line out
Internal rechargeable battery
Built-in trolley with wheels and extendable handle
Amplified extension speaker socket. Up to 2 speakers can be connected through a Y cable (Coomber 1833).
DC input for charging the internal batteries or running the unit from mains power
Bass and treble controls
Weight: 18kg
Dims: 440(h) x 400(w) x 340(d) - (max handle up: 1120(h) x 460(w))