Portable Amplifier with Bluetooth and CD

Coomber Portable Amplifier
  • Portable Amplifier with Bluetooth and CD
  • Portable Amplifier with Bluetooth and CD
  • Portable Amplifier with Bluetooth and CD
  • Portable Amplifier with Bluetooth and CD
  • Portable Amplifier with Bluetooth and CD

Product features

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The Portable Amplifier

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The Portable Amplifier is perfect for daily and continuous use, easy for anyone to setup, good clear audio from microphone or audio inputs. Ideal for medium sized rooms/ small halls, the strong metal cover is designed to protect the amplifier against the daily rough-and-tumble. Be prepared to use it over and over again as this Portable Amplifier is built to last for years. 

This is model 44583 Portable Amplifier with Bluetooth Receiver and CD Player.


Use the option boxes above to choose receiver for radio mics, the rechargeable option for internal batteries, accessories.

Compatible Accessories

Optional Accessories for wired Mics (£0.00)

Package includes

Order extra

1918 High Quality Dynamic Microphone



1905 Microphone Floor Stand



1912 Microphone Desk Stand



1987 iPod, Mp3, Laptop Etc lead



2410  Delux PA Carrying Bag


2410 Delux BAG


Further Information

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Standard Features

  • Variable Speed CD, USB & SD Card Audio Player

  • Bluetooth audio receiver
  • Connect & amplify tablets or smartphones
  • Microphone socket
  • Line/Aux out sockets to send audio to another device
  • Individual volume controls for mic, aux in and the CD
  • Master volume control for the overall sound
  • Built-in handle
Options include:
  • Internal rechargeable batteries
  • Built-in receiver for radio mic (choose this option to use wireless microphones)



  • Simple to use and provides excellent results everytime
  • Safe and easy to transport, easy to set up and use by anyone


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  Made in Worcester, UK.





You can use the Portable Amplifier for:

  • Loud and clear amplification in classrooms
Voice amplification in a teaching environment, or use it as a PA sound system in classrooms, in assemblies and for playback of audio for exams. Use the rechargeable battery version outside for sports days or sports coaching.
  • Presentations and meeting rooms where a clear amplification is needed
Excellent meeting room amplifier for reinforcing presenters' voice and amplify most audio sources. Present a slide show and talk over the sound track. You will be clearly heard without raising your voice. Use the remote control functions of the CD player version to give better control and flexibility of use.
  • Dance or fitness classes
Choose the CD drive option to slow down the audio from CD/ USB/SD so that learning dance steps is easier to understand. You can amplify most devices: laptops, tablets, smartphones. Choose the built-in receiver option and teach your aerobic or zumba class using a wireless microphone.



Please note: the 44583 has replaced the 2070 model. The 2070 Coomber Portable Amplifier has been discontinued.



Technical Specifications:

Weight: 5.03Kg
Weight (1 receiver): 5.10Kg

Weight (rechargeable): 7.39Kg
Dims: 385(h) x 330(w) x 215(d) mm

Basic features on all variations of the 44583 Portable Amplifier:

  • 1 x CD Player

  • 1 x Bluetooth Receiver

  • inline Mains powered low voltage 24V PSU

  • On/Off Switch

  • 2 x 11cm internal full range PA speakers


  • 1 x Wireless Microphone Receiver (additional to wired Mic)

  • 1 x Internal Rechageable Battery


  • Volume controls for each input

  • 1 x wired mic input

  • 1 x Stereo Aux in socket

  • 1 x Stereo Aux/line output, Phono RCA