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Coomber Performance Combo - Hall Sound System for Schools for dance
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The Performance Combo

The Ultimate Sound System for Dance Teachers

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Professional sound systems don't have to be difficult to use. If this has been your experience until now, the Performance Combo can help you make your dance studio the perfect place for learning and performing dance routines.


Extremely easy to setup and use

We have hidden away all the complexity that comes with a high-quality sound system. You can relax and enjoy using this innovative Performance Combo without any prior training.


Impressively powerful

The Performance Combo will give you the power to impress even the toughest audiences. There is nothing like loud quality sound to motivate and get your dancers going. And you will get plenty of that with the Performance Combo whether you choose to have 2 or 4 speakers connected.


Comprehensively cost effective

This is a complete sound system package solution. Everything you need is included: from the amplifier to microphones, speakers, speaker wall brackets and connecting cables. No need to buy anything more, everything you require is included at no hidden extra costs! The Performance Combo is ready to go straight from the box, no wasting time and money configuring a mixer desk and the peripheral equipment.

Compatible Accessories

Package 1: 2 speakers With Wired Microphones (£744.00)

Package includes

Order extra

1918 High Quality Dynamic Microphone



Qty: 2
430 Loudspeaker



Qty: 2
1850 Wall Mounted Speaker Bracket



Qty: 2
1827 6M 2 Pole Speakon



Qty: 2
41243 Stereo Lead 3.5mm to 2 phono plug



Qty: 1
41242 Stereo Lead 3.5mm to 3.5mm plug



Qty: 1
1820 Loudspeaker stand



1820 Carry Bag


1820 BAG


Further Information

Product Information
Operating Instructions Quick Start Guide CE Declaration
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Standard Features

  • CD/USB/SD card audio player
  • Bluetooth receiver
  • 6 microphone sockets or 2 built-in receivers for wireless mics and 4 microphone sockets
  • 10 built-in balanced mixer volume controls and a master volume
  • Aux in and Line in to connect and amplify your laptop, smartphone or tablet


The system is comprised of:

The Performance Combo amplifier

Speaker package (with 2 or 4 speakers based on your preference)

2 Wired microphones

Power lead

iPod leads


Wireless models include all of the above and:

1 handheld wireless microphone and 1 lapel microphone

*To select the wireless version choose "2 Wireless receivers" from the option "Built-in receivers for radio mics"




“So easy to install and set up. Worked a dream.  Absolutely brilliant.  Up and running within 30 mins, so impressed. All in all I’m loving my Coomber experience so far.” - Nigel A.Taylor


"We have tried to cut corners in the past and although Coomber products are not the cheapest, it is most definitely worth paying the extra.I can't recommend them enough!" - Maggie Stowe


We guarantee:

  • No hiss or hum

  • Sound that will fill your studio, no matter the size
  • A hall sound system that anyone can use
  • Volume up to 650 watts with minimal distortion




Technical Specifications:


Variable speed CD/USB/SD drive
Microphones: 6 x XLR & ¼” Jack sockets
Line In: RCA socket pair (L+R)
Speakers: 4 x speakon outlets
Optional Wireless Microphone(s): XLR socket, can be linked by external cable to Microphone In 1 & 2
10 built-in balanced mixer volume controls and a master volume
Aux in and Line in to connect and amplify your laptop, smartphone or tablet
Depending on your preferences, packages can include: 2 or 4 speakers and speaker brackets, 2 microphones (wired or wireless) plus the necessary leads to connect speakers and external devices