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Coomber PA Music Centre 2710
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Product features

PA Music Centre Has Been Discontinued

It is ideal where the convenience of a single unit is required to power a pair of speakers in a static location. The size of speakers determines the size of room, so you can fill both a classroom or a hall. It's great for dance studios, village halls, classrooms and smaller school halls. The strong wooden cabinet protects the unit but also enhances the sound quality.

This is model 2710 PA Music Centre.


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  • The 2710 has a CD drive for play back of normal CDs

  • Variable speed to slow down or speed up the CD playback

  • Cue/review control to repeat sections or locate a specific point

  • USB socket for MP3 playback.

  • 4-channel mixer to control the individual volume of CD, mics, line in

  • 2 headphone sockets

  • Line in sockets to connect a tablet/smartphone

  • Line out connections for connecting to another Coomber unit or PC

  Made in Worcester, UK.

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Matching speakers for the 2710 PA Music Centre unit:

416 speakers to fill in a room of up to 35 people


427 speakers for small halls (of 150 people if used for voice amplification, or 70 people for music amplification in a loud environment).


429 speakers for medium halls (of 300 people if used for voice amplification, or 100 people for music amplification in a loud environment).



Our customers use the 2710 PA Music Centre for:

  • Public Address to amplify your voice through a wired microphone or there is the choice of using our wireless microphones, one or two of them. We offer lapel / tie clip, handheld or the aerobic dance style headband.
  • Dance instructions to control the speed of CD playback whilst talking to the class effortlessly over the music. Using the wireless microphone, the remote control gives them freedom to be with the pupils rather than tethered to the machine. The audio is loud and clear for all to hear.
  • Teaching languages with control over the process. You can repeat sections of a sentence word by word using the cue/review control. And slowing the speed down allows the students a little more time to understand the construction of the words.
  • Teaching music taking advantage of the clarity and crispness of playback. The cue & review functionality allows teaching the complex sections over and over and then fast skip to the next section.
  • Singing lessons as it allows volume control of the pupil’s voice separate to the music tracks and at the same time still allowing overall volume control. It gives experience of singing with a microphone.
  • Other typical uses are for Karaoke, aerobics, meeting rooms, assembly halls, canteens etc.

The PA Music Centre is also supplied with a remote control which operates all major functions. For matching speakers please see our 416 mini loudspeakers or our new 427 loudspeakers.

Note that if the extended warranty is selected and speakers are purchased on the same order, the speakers will also be covered by the extended warranty.


Technical Specifications

Weight: 6.10 kg
Dims: 160(h) x 365(w) x 320(d) mm
Power Output: 30+30 Watts MPO (20+20 Watts RMS)


Basic features on the 2710/UHF2

  • Mains powered

  • IEC detachable Mains Lead.

  • 2x speaker connectors

  • 2x built in radio microphone recievers.

  •  Volume, cue / review, stop, play, pause, FFW/REW controls

  • Bass, treble & balance controls

  • Aux in / line in stereo socket, 3.5mm 

  • External amp output sockets Analogue & Digital