CD/USB/SD iPad Listening Centre

Coomber CD/USB/SD iPad Listening centre
  • CD/USB/SD iPad Listening Centre
  • CD/USB/SD iPad Listening Centre
  • CD/USB/SD iPad Listening Centre
  • CD/USB/SD iPad Listening Centre
  • CD/USB/SD iPad Listening Centre
  • CD/USB/SD iPad Listening Centre

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CD/USB/SD iPad Listening Centre

This CD Player with iPad connection is a great little transportable unit ideal where a compact CD player with built-in speakers is required. It has USB and SD card slots and you can connect and amplify a tablet, smartphone or laptop. The strong metal case will protect the unit so that you can enjoy using it for many years. This is model 44370-R1.

Our customers say:

"Exciting development in the digital age and easy accessible for the younger generation to link iPads. The 44370 CD player with iPad connecton gives you easy, clear controls and instant sound" - Brenda Haughton


"A rechargeable, robust and sturdy model was just what we needed. I have been in the education system for nearly 25 years now and have used Coomber products in many different schools.  The Coomber brand has an excellent reputation. Greater access to music, any time, any place anywhere!" - Lee Ryman, The Treehouse School


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41330 Stereo Headphones 3.5mm Plug



1957 Carry Bag




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  • CD drive with USB & SD card
  • Connect and amplify your tablet, laptop and smartphone
  • Internal battery and integral charger
  • Audience facing stereo speakers

  • Connect up to 8 Headphones

  • Variable Speed so you can slow down or speed up your CD
  • Mains or internal rechargeable battery powered
  • Line in for amplification tablets/smartphones

  • Volume and balance controls


  • Handle for carrying with comfort and ease.
  • Metal Case  - strong, sturdy, lightweight and long lasting case.

  • Simple to use and provides excellent results everytime.

  • Versatile tool that amplifies with clarity and controlled power.

  • Use this CD player with iPad connection on battery or mains.

  Made in Worcester, UK.


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Our customers use the 44370 CD player with iPad connection to:

  • Use the speed control to slow down the audio to give the audience time to listen to it so that learning dance, music or language is easier to understand.

  • Present a slide show and talk over the sound track. This allows you to be clearly heard without raising your voice.
  • Use the remote control functions of the CD player to give better control and flexibility of use.
  • Take this small robust portable unit to wherever you need to use it. The rechargeable batteries and the built in handles gives you complete freedom when using the 44370 CD player with iPad connection.

  • Connect and amplify other devices such as tablets, smartphones or laptopts.

Wherever you need to have clear amplification of your CD for music or speech, this CD player with iPad connection gives you simple control, reliably every time you need to depend on it. The line input will amplify any external audio device with a suitable output such as iPods, iPads, tablets, laptops and smartphones.



Technical Specifications
Weight: 4.42Kg
Dims: 300(h) x 250(w) x 210(d) mm

Basic features 

  •  Mains inline power supply (1858) 24v powered
  • IEC detachable Mains Lead.

  • Internal Rechargeable battery

  • 2 x (100mm) internal full range speakers

  • Volume, stop, play, pause, FFW/REW controls

  • Balance controls

  • 8 x 1/4" (6.35mm) Stereo Headphone sockets

  • Aux in / line in stereo socket, 3.5mm 

  • External amp output socket, (using master headphone socket)