6121 CD Audio Recorder & IPad Listening Centre

6121 CD/Cassette Audio Recorder and iPad listening centre
  • 6121 CD Audio Recorder & IPad Listening Centre
  • 6121 CD Audio Recorder & IPad Listening Centre
  • 6121 CD Audio Recorder & IPad Listening Centre
  • 6121 CD Audio Recorder & IPad Listening Centre
  • 6121 CD Audio Recorder & IPad Listening Centre
  • 6121 CD Audio Recorder & IPad Listening Centre

Product features

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6121 CD/Cassette Audio Recorder & iPad Listening Centre


It is ideal for an incredible number of activities from listening to CDs through to recording a full scale orchestra. With both built in stereo loudspeakers and six headphone sockets, the CD/Cassette Audio Recorder can double as both a playback machine and a discreet listening centre for small groups. The record facility is one of the simplest available. With a single button press you could be recording to either CD, cassette or USB Flash Memory. The recording can be played back instantly. The inclusion of two microphone inputs with Phantom Power does enable a pair of very high quality microphones to be connected for professional quality stereo recording.

For single CD and no cassette tape deck or twin CD versions scroll down to "Other options available."


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  • Play CD's and cassettes
  • Use the 2 stereo speakers to amplify playback of most audio sources.
  • Transfer cassette tapes to CD.

  • Connect up to 6 Headphones, for quiet listening.

  • 2 Microphone sockets.
  • Press one button to record from a microphone to the CD or USB Memory Stick for exceptionally clear recording of any sound.

  • USB socket to play MP3's or record WAV files.

  • Audio line in socket to amplify tablets, smartphones or laptops.

  • Line/Aux out socket to send audio to another device.

  • Variable Speed so you can slow down or speed up your CD recordings or purchased material. 

  • Cue & Review for repeating a section or locating a specific point of a track.

  • Built-in handles for carrying with ease.

  • Simple to use provides excellent results everytime.

  • Versatile CD/Cassette Audio Recorder that records with clarity and provides control of the audio.

  • Connect and record or amplify your iPod or any Media or MP3 player or Laptop.

  • Safe and easy to transport, easy to set up and use by anyone, anywhere.

  Made in Worcester, UK.


You can use the 6121 CD/Cassette Audio Recorder to:


  • Record music practice and listen back to compare how you sound to how you aspire to sound

  • Record language learning and listen back to compare how you sound to how you aspire to sound

  • Record a reading test so that observation can be focused on the student and the test annotated later

  • Record the school ensemble and give CD copies to parents

  • Record and play back sound effects for school productions

  • Record the message for those that could not be there

  • Record recitals in exceptional clarity with this CD/Cassette Audio Recorder

  • Record solo instruments in stereo to provide more realism.

  • Record your presentation for pod casting or distribution


Connect and amplify

  • Connect and amplify iPods or laptops in class, or turn them into listening centres

  • Connect the CD/Cassette Audio Recorder to existing sound equipment.

  • Connect two high quality condenser microphones for stereo recording of choirs, ensembles and orchestras using the built in Phantom Power


Control the sound

  • Automatic record level for practice, manual record level for performance

  • Use the speed control so that the music can be slowed to learn the steps

  • Use when practising to highlight areas for improvement


Other options available:



6120 CD Audio Recorder has 1 CD recorders and one cassette deck.

6130 Twin CD Audio Recorder has 2 CD recorders and no cassette deck.

6131 Twin CD/Cassette Audio Recorder has 2 CD recorders and one cassette deck.

All other features of the units are identical.


Technical Specifications

Weight: 5.31Kg
Dims: 165(h) x 355(w) x 285(d) mm
Power Output: 16+16 Watts MPO (8+8 Watts RMS)
Current consumption: 375mA s/by = 120mA max


Basic features on all variations of the 6121 series

  • Mains powered 

  • Fitted Mains Lead with cable storage.

  • 2 x (100mm) internal full range speakers

  • Record, Drive, speed, eject/fix

  • Volume, cue / review, stop, play, pause, FFW/REW controls

  • Bass, treble & balance controls

  • 6 x 1/4" (6.35mm) Stereo Headphone sockets

  • 2 x Combination Jack/XLR balanced/Unbalnced Microphone sockets

  • Aux in / line in stereo sockets Dual Phono, (RCA)

  • External amp output stereo sockets Dual Phono, (RCA)