44553 Amplified Bluetooth Loudspeaker

Coomber Amplified Bluetooth Loudspeaker 44553
  • 44553 Amplified Bluetooth Loudspeaker
  • 44553 Amplified Bluetooth Loudspeaker
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Amplified Bluetooth Loudspeaker

with a FREE microphone


This is a special deal for 1 Amplifier only, please see the PA Combo for alternative versions


  • Easy to use: We don’t want you to worry about anything else but teaching. Our easy to use technology is very intuitive and requires no training. Only three volume controls: one for the microphone, one for the aux in socket (which can be used with a smartphone or tablet) and an overall volume control.
  • Portability: The low weight and the built-in handle allow you to use it in different classrooms and even in your meetings with fellow colleagues.
  • Affordable: Get the benefits of a voice amplification system without hurting your budget. There are no maintenance fees, no installation cost, no training required.
  • No installation: Most voice amplification systems are so complicated that they require installation which adds more pressure on to the school’s budgetary and time-related constraints. Our solution is so simple that it eliminates all the hassle and allows you to use the equipment straight out of the box.

Compatible Accessories

Free wired mic and iPad lead (£0.00)

Package includes

Order extra

1918 High Quality Dynamic Microphone



Qty: 1
41243 Stereo Lead 3.5mm to 2 phono plug



Qty: 1
1905 Microphone Floor Stand



1912 Microphone Desk Stand




Further Information

Product Information Operating Instructions Quick Start Guide CE Declaration
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Standard Features

  • Bluetooth receiver for connecting a smartphone/tablet
  • Microphone socket
  • Line/Aux out sockets to send audio to another device
  • Individual volume controls for mic, aux in
  • Master volume control for the overall sound
  • Built-in handle




  • Simple to use and provides excellent results everytime
  • Safe and easy to transport, easy to set up and use by anyone


  Made in Worcester, UK.