42100 Handheld Digital Voice Recorder

42100 Handheld Digital Voice Recorder
  • 42100 Handheld Digital Voice Recorder
  • 42100 Handheld Digital Voice Recorder
  • 42100 Handheld Digital Voice Recorder
  • 42100 Handheld Digital Voice Recorder
  • 42100 Handheld Digital Voice Recorder
  • 42100 Handheld Digital Voice Recorder

Product features

The 42100 Handheld Recorder has been discontinued. Please browse our Audio Equipment section for alternative products.


Learning Benefits:

  • Spoken Language
  • Reading - Comprehension
  • Writing - Vocabulary, grammar and punctuation


You can find many uses for the 42100 Handheld Recorder:

  • Develop pleasure in reading
  •  Develop students’ understanding of spoken language
  •  Supporting pupils with insufficiently developed oral skills
  •  Get all students involved in discussions
  •  Acquire a wider vocabulary
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Designed by teachers and SLCN practitioners, this digital voice recorder will help with all aspects of understanding construction and comprehension of the spoken words.

A simple to use, robust digital voice recorder that school children of all ages can use and be trusted with. The results are very impressive. 

  • Designed by teachers for use in Key stage 1 & 2 English Speaking and Listening. Specification of the digital voice recorder was compiled with significant input from the SLCN advisors.
  • Allows easy recording and instant playback of spoken language, has proven to be very helpful in early years intervention of communication and construction of speech.

  • Functional and ergonomic design led by Dyspraxia Education and the Learning Support Teams.

  • SD card: Integral mounted micro SD card 2GB minimum included.
  • Headphones socket: 3.5mm Stereo Headphones audio output socket.
  • Audio Controls include volume, stop, play, pause, track FFW/REW and Cue/Review within tracks.
  • Robust buttons & knobs are clearly labelled for use by children of all ages.
  • Play and pause: when playing back it can be paused and left so that whenever the pupil comes back after a break they can carry on listening from the exact point they left it. 

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"..after using this digital voice recorder I recommend it to all my colleagues as it's so useful for children who struggle with writing to record stories, for children who have poor working memories to record things and for instructions to be recorded for those who struggle to remember instructions…it reduces the need for a TA and makes the child more independent. I’m sure a Speech and Lang Therapist could find many more uses!"

  Made in Worcester, UK.







Our customers use the 42100 Handheld Digital Voice Recorder to:

  • Help pupils learn to speak confidently and listen to what others say.
  • Use it as a tool for talk to write. You can ask the pupil to tell you their story whilst recording it.
  • Creative writing: pupils can play back what they recorded and listen to it through headphones, at their own pace without distraction and write up their story for creative writing.
  • Learn languages and comprehend spoken words.


The Department of Education requires that during key stage 1 pupils learn to speak confidently and listen to what others have to say. The pupils are also required to begin to read and write independently and with enthusiasm. They also should use language to explore their own experiences and imaginary worlds. 

This product was designed to help you achive this aim with significant contribution from teachers.

They wanted a digital voice recorder that was simple to use, robust so that school children of all ages can use it and be trusted with it. The recorder must give exceptional audio quality and clarity of reproduction of the original spoken words as the main reason of the device was to teach improvements to what was said and how it was said. Teachers also wanted the ability to listen back by connecting headphones to listen to the recording as this would help to prevent ambient noise distractions and it would allow the pupil to focus on the recording.


We have incorporated all these requirements into the 42100 Handheld Digital Voice Recorder, able to give you clear recording and reproduction of speech and simple control reliably every time you need to depend on it.


Technical Specifications

Weight: 0.5Kg
Dims: 150(h) x 75(w) x 40(d) mm

Basic features 

  • 2 x AA battery powered (2 batteries supplied) will run on rechargeable batteries.
  • 3 colour silicon sleeve options
  • Integral mounted micro SD card 2GB minimum included
  • 3.5mm Stereo Headphone audio output socket
  • Controls include: Volume, stop, play, pause, Track FFW/REW and Cue/Review within tracks. 
  • Led indication of state, Play, Pause, Record or ready to erase.