Let Coomber be your most trusted dance partner! The equipment used by the most passionate dance teachers comes in different combos. Choose yours!

Audio Equipment for Dance & Fitness

Are you looking for dance sound systems that won’t let you down, that will motivate you to push past your limits and realise your goals?


Get great clarity, plenty of volume, control of audio speed, and multiple audio source amplification including microphones, tablets and smartphones. Choose between portable or static solutions, outdoors or indoors installation. Plus you get the reliability and ease of use that comes with any Coomber sound system!


If you are not sure which one to choose, check this studio size guide or ask us for a personalised quote for your dance studio Enquire Now


*Find your perfect dance combo at the NATD Congress in Cheltenham. Meet us on the 18th of August at the Cheltenham Town Hall for demos, tips and personalised advice. We are happy to help you find the best sound system for your dance studio.

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