Coomber Innovation

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Coomber Innovation


We work closely with our suppliers to engineer a perfect solution for you.



What We Do

Concept consultancy; Feasibility and prototyping; Innovative electronic design; Creative production engineering; High quality, efficient PCB  assembly; Comprehensive manufacturing expertise; Flexible procurement and distribution partner


Why Work With Us

We have over 100 years experience both designing and building our own high quality products as well as helping partners with their varied manufacturing needs. We are here to listen, with a genuine desire to help you achieve the right solution for the long term. Not only do we have extensive equipment with the skills to match, we will share our knowledge and experience with you, we are flexible, realistic and accountable. Plus, we are one of only a few Apple MFi licensed companies in the UK. So why not find out if we are the right partners for you?


Our customers say...

“Thanks to some out-of-the-box thinking by Coomber, our VG products have been adapted to suit rollercoasters, incline lifts, movie sets, Aircraft carriers and more!”  Russell Walker, Managing Director Atwell International.

Success Stories

Visit our Success Stories section to find out more about the unique solutions Coomber Innovation has helped create and produce. Rely on us from start to finish and join our successful customers who have their products powered by Coomber! Together we can make the next success story, yours!