The iPad Learning Combo
The Learning Combo

Enhance the educational use of tablets. Ideal for one-to-one mentoring, small group sessions or classroom amplification.

The Performance Combo
The Performance Combo

Get the ultimate sound experience without breaking the budget and without any technicians involved: hall sound system easy to use, impressively powerful and cost effective.

The Dance Combo
The Dance Combo

Set up and be playing in seconds in dance classes, schools and even on the sports field: punchy, powerful, portable and practical.

Proud to be a British Manufacturer. Delighted to use UK suppliers.

We work hard to produce sound systems and audio equipment that we are proud of and that will give our customers years of satisfaction and value. We can help you with whatever you want and need to do; we take care of the technology so that whatever you do comes across with confidence, clarity of voice, quality of sound and with ease of use.


Why choose Coomber?

  • Coomber: A British Brand.

  • Robust audio equipment that will last for many years.

  • Easy to use technology. 

  • Complete product support.

  • Supporting educators since 1908. 

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