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Here at coomber we passionately design & manufacture durable specialised audio equipment. We can provide you everything from free advice equipment such as sound amplifiers, CD players, Cassette players to microphones, headphones and various other accessories for audio products, then we offer exceptional after sales support advice, warranty, servicing and accidental repairs or even upgrades.. Everything is made in the UK so that we can make sure every piece of equipment will deliver a sound quality that is clear and as loud as you like it to be. We deliver for educators and performers worldwide.
We work hard to produce sound systems and audio equipment that we are proud of and that will give our customers years of satisfaction and value.
We know you are also passionate about what you do,  So please talk to us....Especially 
               If your passion is to participate in sport or fitness
               If your passion is to educate others or teach yourself
               If your passion is to express yourself through dance or singing 
               If your passion is to contribute to the community
               If your passion is to share your views by presenting  
               Even if your passion is just to have fun with the family
 We can help you with whatever you want and need to do; we take care of the technology so that whatever you do comes across with confidence, clarity of voice, quality of sound and with ease of use.